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  • Growing up Sci-Fi in Garrett Park
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    A critic writes "brims with warmth and riotous fun and rekindles the happiest memories of growing up, this book is pure gold. It reminds us of what's most important to a boy coming-of-age, namely a best friend to laugh with - and there's much to laugh about before earnestness sets in." With almost 300 photos and an astonishingly honest memoir, award-winning Hollywood writer / producer / director Paul Jeffrey Davids (famous for his "Star Wars" books for Lucasfilm and his production work for Marvel on the original "Transformers" animated TV episodes) reflects on his childhood growing up in Garrett Park, Maryland. From childhood he was obsessed with making amateur 8mm science-fiction and monster films in the 1950's and 1960's. This book tells the story of how this Maryland boy ended up making movies in Hollywood for NBCUniversal, Showtime, Starz, Syfy and other studios and networks after being discovered by Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine as a teenager. He is noted for his film "The Sci-Fi Boys" hosted by Peter Jackson, which charts the development of special effects in film from the earliest days through the CGI digital revolution.
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  • Blowing America's Mind
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    Two well-known Princeton alumni at last reveal the true inside story of how they got caught up in and nearly done in by the CIA's LSD-laced deep hypnosis research while they were Princeton students in the late 1960's. Reminiscent in some respects of A Beautiful Mind, the Princeton setting and the artificial, hypnotically induced schizophrenic states for experimental psychological research are the basis for exploring the actual psychiatrists and psychologists involved as well as their student "guinea pigs."

    Princeton and the now-defunct New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute (NJNPI) were just two of 86 American institutions (incuding universities and hospitals) engaged in almost 150 top secret mind-control research projects funded by the CIA.

    The authors worked at NJNPI in deep hypnosis research while attending the waning days of Princeton as an all-male university before Princeton went coed. This is also an intense love story reawakening the rebellious wild spirit of those early days of the Psychedelic Revolution.

    The true story, which vivifies the beginning of the 'psychedelic era,' unfolds as to how the authors' naive and well-intentioned participation warped their intimate lives at a formative stage of their development and nearly cost them their personal identities.

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  • An Atheist in Heaven
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    The book is a case of unexplained phenomena, including chemical evidence, that is an ultimate challenge to scientifically-minded skeptics. Forrest J Ackerman (1916-2008) was a world famous futurist, author and a pioneering promoter of science fiction books and films. As an atheist, Mr. Ackerman did not believe in life after death. However, he promised friends that if he were wrong, he would try to drop them a line. The is the unabridged true story of precisely what happened. For over six years, data has accumulated that Mr. Ackerman continues to communicate, with over 100 incidents that include physical chemical evidence studied at two universities. This has left top science professors in fields from chemistry to psychology completely baffled, and in some cases, plagued by unexplainable incidents themselves. The book includes Paul Davids' sworn personal testimony and incredible story of bizarre contacts from the mentor whose deep friendship he valued for half a century It also includes in-depth chemical analysis (a 3 year study) of an extraordinarily mysterious ink and ink message that continues to mystify scientists, and also studies from state of the art sensors used with computer software, apparently successfully, to attempt getting responses from spirits, including the late Mr. Ackerman. This is a companion work to Mr. Davids' feature documentary from NBCUniversal called "THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT," but a previous viewing of the film is not essential, and the book certainly stands alone.
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  • Mission from Mount Yoda
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  • Prophets of the Dark Side
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  • Queen of the Empire
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  • The Glove of Darth Vader
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  • Lost City of the Jedi
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  • Zorba the Hut's Revenge
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  • Right-Brained Poems for Left-Brained People
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  • Poems to Read When You Run Out of Weed
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  • Poems to Read While Driving on Freeways (& Other Ways to Die Laughing)
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  • The Fires of Pele (Mark Twain's Legendary Lost Journal)
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"An Atheist in Heaven" is available on Amazon.
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